Grace – F1-Goldendoodle puppy

Graceful and joyful little girl.

Grace's Puppy Profile

Gender: Female


Birthdate: Aug 2, 2020

Birth Certificate

Age: 3 years, 10 months old.

Ready for Home: Sep 20, 2020

Breed: F1-Goldendoodle

Microchip ID: 956000012727156

Grown: 60 to 65 lbs

Grace is a female F1-Goldendoodle, She was born on August 2, 2020 - She is now 3 years, 10 months old.

Grace's Parents – F1-Goldendoodle Puppy Litter

Sire Sergeant (Poodle)
Dam Greece (Golden Retriever)

Grace's F1-Goldendoodle Siblings

  • George (Male) Reserved

  • Gracie (Female) Reserved

  • Grant (Male) Reserved

  • Greyson (Male) Reserved

Testimonial of Grace

July 8, 2022

Penny is so precious. The one picture shows her with a ball. Her favorite thing is to place fetch with a ball. The next picture is with her favorite pals Rosie and Georgie. The other pictures are when Penny had her first birthday(yes, we had a party for her-donut theme)! We are very blessed to have her!

Olivia Wilkerson